September 26, 2020

Hey There

Hello, and welcome to Language On Hand, the blog. Here, I will write occasional notes about what’s happening in my neck of the woods, things I’m thinking about, and things I’m learning. I also may write and share resources I encounter along the way, whether that’s from books or other places. I have varied interests more within the field of interpreting and beyond, and figure if something is useful or interesting to me, it may be useful or interesting to others.

To start, I can introduce myself by pointing you to various places around my site to learn a little more about me, the work I do, or how to get in touch with me.

The site might be a bit rough around the edges here in the early days, as I’m slowly writing and designing it as I go. I’ve coded much of it myself, which I’m very proud of, but of course that also means there’s bound to be bugs here and there while I get things arranged.

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