In-Person Interpreting

I am able to provide in-person interpreting services in the Albuquerque metro area. If you are in need of my services beyond the metro area, I typically require that drive time and mileage be included in addition to the regular interpreting rate. Some locations have special needs, and if you have questions, you can contact me anytime.

All assignments are billed with a two-hour minimum, which is industry standard. Why a two-hour minimum? It accommodates the time needed to arrive early (I typically arrive 10-15 minutes early), and allows for flexibility in the event that an appointment lasts longer than expected. It’s best practice to ensure that any needs can be meet for all parties involved.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

I am able to provide video remote interpreting (VRI) services by appointment. These can be scheduled in the same manner as in-person appointments, and like in-person appointments, I sign on early for such appointments in order to ensure that tech and video are working adequately beforehand.

VRI appointments are billed differently, with a one-hour flat rate and then a per-minute rate for every 1 minute over that first hour.

Medical Interpreting

I have a background as a medical speech pathologist, and in turn specialize in medical interpreting. My clinical background aids in my interpreting work, and I am always happy to work with providers of all types to ensure that they are able to communicate clearly and effectively with Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients.

While not often considered part of the medical team, an interpreter can be an asset in order to provide high-quality, patient-centered care. I strive to work with providers before, during, and after appointments to ensure they are able to provide the best care they can.

Mental Health Interpreting

I am sensitive to the needs of mental health providers, and strive to provide consistent, ongoing services where able. Establishing rapport with clinicians and patients/clients alike is important, and part of that process is ensuring that I am a good fit for your particular situation. In the event that isn’t the case, I am always happy to discuss that and refer to other colleagues.

Community Interpreting

I have experience in a wide variety of community interpreting needs, from business to home life to financial settings. In some instances, community work may require more than one interpreter for one job. In such cases, I will likely refer you to a local agency who can work with you to ensure there are two interpreters as appropriate. You are always welcome to request my services directly from those agencies as well.

Working with Certified Deaf Interpreters

In some cases, I may recommend working with a Certified Deaf Interpreter, or pre-certified Deaf Interpreter. These are specialized interpreters and can be an enormous asset to the interpreting team.

At this time, I am a single-person service, so any teamed needs will be referred to local agencies.

What if we’re not a good fit?

I am one interpreter, and recognize that I am not the best interpreter for every individual or situation. I take great pride in my work and strive to do the best job I can, but if I, or anyone in a situation, recognizes that things can be done better, I am always happy to work to ensure we can do better by consulting other colleagues in the community.